"Methinks that
the moment
my legs began to
move, my
thoughts began
to flow."
-Henry David Thoreau
We Run For Those Who "Can Not"
> Joseph's Corner
It’s unfortunate but in our lifetime, everyone knows someone who has cancer. It’s our mission to
encourage awareness, provide support and outreach for those in need, and funding for patient advocacy
groups, to benefit patients and families at a local level.

From what had evolved many years ago, Step-by-Step Charitable Foundation was formed on the basis for
promoting fitness and a healthy life style. Our Mission is to put an end to cancer causing diseases by
raising funds through Active Sports: Marathons, Cycling Events (Century Rides), and Triathlons.

We at Step-by-Step raise funds through endurance sporting events. Our coaches will train you, teach you,
mentor you, and assist EVERYONE who wishes to help us put an end to cancer. We sponsor and provide
endurance training programs for runners, walkers, cyclists, swimmers, and triathletes who wish
to join us.

We are a nonprofit corporation, and each year, Step by Step will raise funds and awareness for a different
cancer causing disease. In our inaugural year, we donated $5,700 towards the Leukemia/Lymphoma
Society. In 2012 and 2013, we raised funds for Lung Cancer, and over that time, donated over $24,000 to
the American Lung Association of the Northeast.

In 2014, we will raise funds and awareness for Childhood Brain Cancer. We are doubling our efforts by
increasing the number of events we do, in hopes that we can double the amount of funds we raise.

Please join us in our crusade to help fight cancer, and to promote fitness by bringing in a healthier
lifestyle for everyone.
© 2010 Step-by-Step Charitable Foundation
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Please join us in our crusade to help fight cancer and to promote fitness by bringing a healthier
lifestyle for everyone.
Life begins with a Step. We venture along the highway until
we reach our destination.
Come - run with us and help fight Cancer along the way. Help us save a life.
Ocean to Sound
Relay 2015

Sunday, September 27, 2015
Jones Beach, NY

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