"To get to the
finish line, you'll
have to try lots
of different
-Amby Burfoot
We Run For Those Who "Can Not"
> Donna's Corner
Please join us in our crusade to help fight cancer and to promote fitness by offering a healthier
lifestyle for everyone.
Life begins with a Step. We venture along the highway until
we reach our destination.
Come - run with us and help fight Cancer along the way. Help us save a life.
It was the summer of ’09, I had my fourth child, and after four children in seven years, I had lost who I was.

Motherhood had taken care of that. I no longer had an identity, a personal purpose, or a passion for
anything other than my children.
And I felt...well… lost.  
Of course, I loved being a mother. There really is no better gift but somehow I knew something was
missing.  But, what?

I was at a family BBQ when (a fellow Step-by-Step member) Lori Hubbard mentioned she was running
the next day with a group of friends in Bethpage State Park. She asked if I would like to join them but, as a
mother of four, I gave her ALL the regular excuses as to why I was too busy, too tired, too caught up with
my children, and too out of shape to take time out to "JUST RUN.”

But as the week rolled on, I could not stop thinking about a group of strangers just running together, and I
longed to join them.

So that following Saturday when I arrived, I felt this nervous anticipation of both excitement and complete
fear. I had no idea what to expect and what my physical capabilities were, but I just knew that I should
listen to my inner voice saying "take a chance, make it happen.” That same day, I met Joe Bencivenga,
and my life has never been the same since! As he ran with me, he told me all about his running
adventures. I could not help but be inspired. Week after week, I returned to this small group of strangers
as they slowly became my friends. Little did I know by taking a chance that early Saturday morning in the
summer of 2009, I would fall in love with running -  that it would be my first step, to so many other

BUT WHY DO I RUN? To look good, to feel good, for bragging rights - well honestly, it’s a little bit of all of
that.  I love how I feel as my body is pushed to the limit, and the way my breath sounds as the miles pass
me by. I love how I feel after a long run and my body aches with pain but my soul is alive. And I love the
look on people’s faces when I tell them the miles that I covered on an early Saturday morning.
But that's not the only reason why I run - I run to make a difference! I run because I think of all the people
who can barely sit up in a chair as they are enduring the effects of cancer.  I run because I think about my
father, my cousins, my aunts, and friends that have had the daunting task of fighting "the battle.” I run
simply to make a difference. To leave my own footprint. To take a step in the right direction in the fight
against cancer. To do something bigger than myself.  I run because as I run past another runner a wave
or a smile can make the biggest difference. I run to challenge my mind and body to limits I never dared
possible. I run because when I look down at the four small faces of my children, I know that I too, am
inspiring a future generation to continue the fight against cancer.
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