"I'm going to
work so that it's
a pure guts race
at the end, and if
it is, I am the
only one who
can win it."
-Steve Prefontaine
We Run For Those Who "Can Not"
> Donna's Corner
Please join us in our crusade to help fight cancer and to promote fitness by offering a healthier
lifestyle for everyone.
Life begins with a Step. We venture along the highway until
we reach our destination.
Come - run with us and help fight Cancer along the way. Help us save a life.
Preparing for the Long Island Half Marathon

As I prepared for this past Long Island Half Marathon, I couldn’t help but think about all of the runners
preparing for the Sunday event.  I think about those who have done half marathon's a dozen times before,
those who occasionally run them, but mostly I find myself thinking about the "newbies".  Their "first" and
how they must feel a sense of fear, exhilaration, and pride.   It brings back memories of the first half
marathon I ever completed.  I remember all of the emotions I felt when I picked up my first running
packet.  And I remember the sense of pride I felt as I crossed that finish line for my very first time.

As I walked into the Long Island Half Marathon Expo to pick up my packet, I couldn't help but to notice all
of the nervous energy and chit-chat around me.  I overheard a woman ask her friend if she "had trained
hard enough,” then I watched as two women hugged and said "looking forward to doing this for Boston.”  
I watched children with their parents proudly telling anyone who would listen that they made signs for
Sunday.  Lots of energy, lots of excitement, lots of people together who enjoy the same passion for

How exciting for the "newbies" to know that they will complete 13.1 miles.  As a coach for Step-by-Step,
one of my favorite moments is watching a "newbie" cross that finish line for the first time.  Seeing the thrill
and gleam in their eyes as they accomplish their first half with pride gives me the greatest and proudest
moments as a running coach.  Last year, I got to watch our newest member and my dearest friend Helen
Graneto, complete her first half marathon.  I could not have been more proud of her and all of her effort.  
She had determination and skill, but much more importantly, she had the heart of a runner.  No obstacles
or fear stood in her way as she ran the Long Island Half Marathon in memory of her father Donald
Graneto.   I was so incredibly honored and humbled to share in her "first.”
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