"The miracle
isn't that I
finished. The
miracle is that I
had the
courage to

-John Bingham, running
speaker and writer
We Run For Those Who "Can Not"
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A Seed was planted back in 2002. My brother in law asked me if I
wanted to run a Marathon. I remember that day as vivid as if it was
yesterday, because it wasn't like him to call and ask such an absurd
question. I remember my response, so quick and short, "Are you out of
your mind?” But what started with a simple question soon became the
start of a new venture. "My brother-in-law, John, has Lymphoma,” he
said to me, “and I'm thinking of running the Disney
Marathon in his honor?"
Founder, President and CFO
of Step-by-Step
From that moment on, my wife Barbara and I, along with twelve other
family members and friends, began raising money for the Leukemia
and Lymphoma Society - we raised $73,000 in our first year. Since then,
we have continued to raise money in John’s honor and for others who
suffer with cancer. I have run in full marathons, half marathons,
countless 10K/5K races, sprint triathlons, half Ironman, and one full
Ironman. This all from that one phone call:
that one seed!
It saddens me to say that John is no longer with us, but I’d like to think that each year that we raised money
towards medicine and research, we helped him and other people with cancer extend their lives for several
more years. It is because of John and those like him, that I felt it was time to take our efforts to a new level: to
create an organization whose main goal is to put an end to cancer.
So I formed an organization called Step-by-Step Charitable Foundation - a not-for-profit foundation that raises
funds and awareness for all types of cancer-causing diseases. Each year, we choose a new cancer-causing
disease on which to focus our efforts. Step-by-Step will help raise funds and awareness for a selected
organization’s research and medical needs by providing and/or sponsoring endurance-training programs for
runners, walkers, cyclists, swimmers, and triathletes.
A seed was planted, and it has begun to grow. That year, and in subsequent years, that seed has continued to
grow to support and aid in the fight to end cancer. We will run, we will walk, we will bike, and we will swim!
Together we will help raise funds for people like us, and help bring an end to cancer -
It’s unfortunate but in our lifetime, everyone knows someone who has cancer. It’s our mission to encourage
awareness, provide support and outreach for those in need, and funding for patient advocacy groups to benefit
patients and families at a local level.
“We Run, Bike, and Swim for Those Who Can Not”
From what had evolved many years ago, Step-by-Step Charitable Foundation was formed on the basis of
promoting fitness and a healthy life style. Our mission is to put an end to cancer-causing diseases by raising
funds through Active Sports: Marathons, Cycling Events (Century Rides), and Triathlons.
We, at Step-by-Step, raise funds through endurance sporting events. Our coaches will train you, teach you,
mentor you, and assist EVERYONE who wishes to help us put an end to cancer. We sponsor and provide
endurance training programs for runners, walkers, cyclists, swimmers, and triathletes who wish to join us.
We are a nonprofit corporation, and each year, Step-by-Step will raise funds and awareness for a different
cancer-causing disease. In our inaugural year, we donated $5,700 towards the Leukemia and Lymphoma
Society. In 2012, we raised funds for Lung Cancer, and donated $8,000 to the American Lung Association. In
2013, we continued to raise funds and awareness towards Lung Cancer. We doubled our efforts by increasing
the number of events we completed, in hopes that we could double the amount of funds we raised – and we
were even more successful, donating over $16,000 to the ALA for their efforts against Lung Cancer.
Over the last 3 years, Step-by- Step has donated over $50,000 to the Northwell Health Cancer Institute.
We have fundraised for pediatric brain cancer, gastrointestinal cancers, multiple myeloma, and melanoma,
and in 2018, we hope to continue our successful efforts by raising funds for ovarian cancers.
Please join us in our crusade to help fight cancer and to promote fitness by offering a healthier
lifestyle for everyone.
© 2010 Step-by-Step Charitable Foundation
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